Bad Angel Pink Lychee Liqueur 70cl

Bad Angel is a luxurious aroma of pink lychee liqueur a brand new style of drink designed with women in mind. Bad Angel is fun, a luxurious aroma of pink Lychee and deliciously moreish.

Can be sipped over ice or served as a long drink with fruit mixers like cranberry juice. Enjoy a wide range of delicious cocktails including our ANGELTINI, BAD GEISHA or ANGEL MOJITO.




Balances the luxurious aroma of pink Lychee with the unique charisma of a youthful eau de vie and Petite Champagne Cognac, finally infused with a subtle kiss of Rose Petal. This sinfully imaginative blend is a love affair of European French indulgence and an age old noble Eastern passion that spans both history and culture. The rare delicacy of ‘Kwai Mai Pink’ Lychee was enjoyed by the ruling dynasties of Imperial China while the seductive taste of Rose Petal captivated the Byzantine Court. Bad Angel delicately crafted but wickedly bold.